The International Society of Amyloidosis (ISA) has been organizing its International Symposium for many years. The current periodicity is every 2 years and the last meeting was supposed to be held in Spain (Dr. Blade, Barcelona / Tarragona, March 2020). Due to the pandemic it was postponed and held in September 2020 in a fully virtual manner.

We have been selected to host the XVIII. ISA Symposium in 2022 in Heidelberg, Germany.

This symposium is organized as a hybrid meeting (with the focus on in-person) and will consist of a three and a half days event (arrivals, welcome and first lecture: Sunday, Symposium days: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday until noon). It will cover all types of amyloidosis:  ATTR (hereditary and wild-type), AL (light-chain), AA and less frequent forms. There will be key lectures, specific symposia including those company sponsored, oral presentations and poster sessions. The program looks for a balance among the different forms of amyloidosis, particularly between ATTR and AL. We will do our best to develop a very attractive scientific program together with the ISA board and international experts.

The ISA is attended by all the dedicated clinicians (e.g. hematology, cardiology, neurology) and outstanding researchers in the fields of amyloidosis (about 70 invited speakers, plus around 600-800 (in person) delegates particularly interested in these diseases).

Sincerely yours,

Stefan Schönland and Ute Hegenbart