We want to invite you to the XVIII. Meeting of the International Society of Amyloidosis in Heidelberg, Germany, September 4.-8., 2022.

This symposium is organized as a hybrid meeting (with the focus on in-person) and lasts from Sunday afternoon to Thursday noon. On Thursday afternoon we will organize a patient´s day in the University Hospital.

The program will cover all types of systemic amyloidosis: ATTR (hereditary and wild-type), AL (light-chain), AA and less frequent forms. There will be key lectures, specific symposia including those company sponsored, oral presentations and poster sessions of accepted abstracts. Together with the ISA board and members of the Amyloidosis Center Heidelberg we have worked on a very attractive scientific program.

The meeting will proceed in the University building in the old town of Heidelberg.

We are looking forward to meeting you in person in September in the beautiful city of Heidelberg.

Sincerely yours,

Stefan Schönland and Ute Hegenbart (Hosts)

Maite Cibeira and Carloz Fernandez (Co-Organizers)

Giovanni Palladini (President of ISA)