FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

Accompanying persons can participate in the Award Ceremony (Conference Dinner) on Wednesday, 7th September. Vouchers can be purchased at the information desk at the conference venue.

The conference dinner will take place in “halle 02”. (see FAQ “Conference Dinner”)

You will find the abstractbook as flipping book in the digital platform Venueless. You will have access to Venueless via the registration platform Conftool.

Certificates of attendance will also be provided at the conference office with your registration material.

Child care can be offered in cooperation with the Kinderhaus of Heidelberg University upon special request. If possible, please contact the conference office before booking.

Nice playgrounds are located within walking distance from the New University building.



The State Medical Association Baden-Württemberg has given this conference 27 CME accreditation points (Category B).


The ISA conference in Heidelberg is in accordance with the criteria of Ethical MedTech


You will find the conference guide as flipping book in the digital platform Venueless. You will have access to Venueless via the registration platform Conftool.

Participants receive their conference name badges with their registration material at the conference office and are kindly asked to wear their badges throughout the entire conference.


In Germany, there is currently no legal obligation to test for Covid 19 or to wear masks. There is one exception: Masks are only compulsory in public transport. Further regulations are left to the respective landlord of a building.

We assume that all participants of the congress have been vaccinated, but will not ask for proof. We ask all participants of the congress to carry out a self-test before arriving in the conference venue. Each participant will receive 4 self-tests from ISA with the congress materials.

Our protective measures also include the wearing of masks in the building (surgical masks or breathing masks FFP2, KN95, N95).

The wearing of a mask may be dispensed with in the following cases:

– at fixed seating or standing places (also in catering facilities) at a distance of 1.5 meters from other participants

– for the consumption of food and beverages

– by persons who cannot wear a mask for medical reasons and can prove this by means of a medical certificate. In these cases, a visor must be worn instead of a mask.

– Speakers who enter the podium will also remove their masks when speaking.

– However, please do not remove your mask during the poster presentation.

Your conference badge serves as a ticket for the congress. Please keep it with you at all times, also for special events in the evening.

What happens if your self-test is positive?

1.Have your test result confirmed!

Sometimes self-tests show false positive results. In the presence of a positive self-test result, it is recommended to confirm your result using a PCR test. According to the currently applicable federal test regulation, you are entitled to a confirmatory examination. This test is therefore free of charge for you.

Contact a testing site in Heidelberg, e.g.

Aspilos Testzentrum

Hauptstraße 49,
69117 Heidelberg

Alte Eppelheimer Str. 50/1

69115 Heidelberg

https://aspilos.de/testzentrum/ (overview of test centers from Aspilos)


You can find more test centers in the city of Heidelberg here: https://www.heidelberg.de/hd/testangebote+in+heidelberg.html

To carry out the test, you can interrupt the isolation.

Please observe the applicable protective measures (distance, medical

mouth and nose protection or FFP2 mask).

2.Obligated isolation

Positively tested persons must seek isolation immediately after being informed of the positive PCR or rapid test result.

Segregation ends at the earliest five days after the initial detection of the pathogen, provided that the person has been symptom-free for 48 hours, but at the latest after ten days. If the pathogen was first detected by means of a rapid test, isolation shall end as soon as a subsequent negative PCR test result is available. Positively tested persons must seek isolation immediately after being informed of the positive PCR or rapid test result.

Of course, participation in the congress in person is only allowed with negative test results and without symptoms.

For information about entry requirements to Germany from your country, please consult official websites of your embassy or the federal foreign office at https://www.auswaertiges-amt.de/en/coronavirus/2317268.



If you require a PCR test for air travel, we recommend you book an appointment at Aspilos GmbH.

To book an appointment, please click on the link below:

Book Appointment With Aspilos GmbH (mobiolab.de)

On the bottom of the page you can find the language changer.

Please make sure that under Provider the Aspilos Teststation Mönchhofplatz has been selected.

The closest pharmacy, the Universitätsapotheke is located at Hauptstraße 114, opening hours: Mon-Fri, 9:00 – 19:00, Tel: ++49 6221 22 514.

Police: (++49 6221) 110 
Fire brigade: (++49 6221) 112
Ambulance: (++49 6221) 19 222

Heidelberg University provides free internet access for all the *ISA2022* participants. If your home institution participates in the eduroam project, you can also use your eduroam network login.


For accreditation as a media representative, send us an e-mail with a copy of your press card or a comparable letter from your employer proving your activity to attend this event and your contact details to presse@med.uni-heidelberg.de. After verification you will receive a confirmation of accreditation.

After accreditation, we will take the liberty of contacting you to inform you of press dates, new press releases, etc. You can unsubscribe from this congress newsletter at any time if you wish.

Registration can be found in the foyer of the New University building (Neue Universität). Opening hours will be from Sunday, 12:00 pm to Thursday 3:00 pm .

Exhibition hours will be published soon.



Digital access to the conference platform has started now. To access the
conference digitally, you must log in to Conftool, the system used for conference registration. Please use the user name and password you used when registering. If you no longer remember your user name or password, request a new one.

After logging in, you will get to the participant options. Click on “Link to Venueless Online Conference System”. Successful access will result in a pop-up asking you to set up your profile and picture.

Please download the ISA 2022 poster here

Travel costs including air and hotel accommodations are the responsibility of the attendee. The XVIII. International Symposium on Amyloidosis Heidelberg has secured a selection of hotel rooms in different rate categories in the city of Heidelberg.

We recommend booking in good time, as the contingents will be returned at the latest 4 weeks before the congress.

In order to secure reservation, please make the hotel reservation through the online reservation system.

Before traveling, please view the entry requirements and any visa issues in good time


The system requirements of our platform are:

In general, we recommend that participants use an up-to-date, common browser and a stable internet connection. For facilitators, we recommend not using the Safari browser and ideally not a tablet.

The official language of the conference is English, and all presentations will be held in English. Translation services will not be provided.

Network SSID: Uni-Webaccess
User name: isa00000@webaccess.uni-heidelberg.de
Password: Z*Kg3oRQdpbd

There is an elevator at the venue Neue Universität that can be used by you which has the following dimensions:        

Maximum load: 630 kg

Width: 0.85 m

Height: 2 m

Length: 1.4 m    

The elevator is barrier-free accessible.  

Bathrooms are located on the first floor.


Further information will follow soon.